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Pistachio Macarons with Strawberry Mascarpone Cream

Macarons seem to be the proverbial prom-queen of the confectionary world at the moment. Whether or not my little pistachio and strawberry mascarpone cream macarons are enough to win the crown is up to you!

For the shells:

200g icing sugar

55g almond meal

55g pistachios, unsalted, lightly roasted

90g egg whites – use egg whites that have been preferably left 3-4 days in the fridge

25g caster sugar

For the pistachio mascarpone cream:

200g mascarpone cream

40g icing sugar

100ml pouring cream

45g pistachios, unsalted, lightly roasted

For the shells:

Grind shelled, unsalted pistachios very finely in a food processor. Carefully sift the icing sugar, almond meal, and pistachios in a bowl. Set aside.

Gently beat egg whites in a bowl until they form soft, foamy peaks. Gradually add the caster sugar to the beaten egg whites until you obtain a glossy meringue.

Add a third of the nuts and icing sugar mixture to the meringue, give it a quick fold to make it easier to incorporate then add the remaining nut mixture. Gently work the mixture until everything is incorporated.

Fill a piping bag with the mixture and pipe small rounds onto lined baking sheets. Sprinkle with extra ground pistachios. Lightly tap the bottom of the trays and allow the macarons to form a crust at room temperature for 30 minutes to an hour.

When ready to bake, preheat oven to 130C. Bake the macarons on a low shelf in the oven for approx. 15-20 minutes, depending on their size. As soon as they come out of the oven, carefully place the baking paper on a damp work surface – the shells will be easier to remove.

For the pistachio mascarpone cream:

Combine the mascarpone with the icing sugar to make a smooth cream. Whip the well chilled pouring cream. Halfway through the process incorporate the mascarpone mixture and beat until you have thick cream. Add the pistachios.

To assemble, dollop some of the pistachio cream on the flat side of a macaron. Layer a few slices of fresh strawberry on the cream base and then top with another dollop of the pistachio cream. Pop another macaron shell on top to finish.

Makes approx. 25 macarons (more or less depending on the size)

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